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Professional therapy in EMPIRE Dental Clinic

The therapeutic stomatology diagnoses and treats damages of teeth and also some sites adjoining to them. The discussed sphere of knowledge and the practician includes diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic tools. In addition experts in the sphere of dental therapy are engaged in identification of interrelations of diseases of teeth with frustration in various bodies and the systems of an organism.

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With what problems the therapeutic stomatology deals

Diseases with which therapy is intended to struggle can be carious and not carious origin. Not carious damages of teeth:

  • wedge-shaped defect – the defect of enamel and dentine eliminated by grinding or sealing depending on extent of defeat;
  • enamel hypoplasia – violation of a mineralization of tissues of teeth owing to which on a surface appear a spot for which treatment remineralization of enamel or the general therapy for normalization of mineral exchange in an organism is appointed;
  • fluorosis enamels – problems with an external cover of teeth because of excess of fluorine in water, violations in a metabolism which treatment is made by grinding or other ways suitable in an individual case.

Also the number of widespread diseases of not carious origin with which the therapeutic stomatology in Odessa struggles includes an enamel erosion, a giperesteziya, a necrosis of solid fabrics, pathological erasability and tooth injuries. In dental the EMPIRE Dental Clinic center the vysokvalifitsirovanny staff of experts works with wide experience of successful treatment of similar diseases.

Caries and its complications

One of the most frequent reasons why people should resort to therapy of teeth, caries is. It is pathological process at which acids from the split food gradually dissolve tooth enamel and it leads to emergence of spots with the subsequent aggravation of defect up to destruction of teeth.

In the absence of due treatment superficial caries is formed. Treatment is carried out by elimination of affected areas of enamel and imposing of a seal. If in time not to eliminate caries at the initial stage, then the average and deep stage of a disease will follow. Stages of treatment of caries following:

  • Anesthesia (in case of need).
  • Elimination of sites with the struck tooth fabrics.
  • Machining of the cavity formed on the place of remote fabrics.
  • Carrying out antiseptic processing.
  • Imposing of a seal on an affected area.

Polishing of a seal before achievement of ideal effect and comfort of the patient.
Experts in the field of therapy have in the arsenal a set of techniques and tools for treatment of a disease. It allows to cope without problems and with such serious problems as a pulpitis, periodontitis, periostit. Also therapeutic stomatology allows to eliminate diseases of a mucous membrane of a mouth, including different types of stomatitis.

Advantages of EMPIRE Dental Clinic

The clinic is equipped with the hi-tech new equipment. Treatment on the basis of modern dental clinic in Odessa is painless absolutely. In EMPIRE Dental Clinic for sealing and other dental procedures the qualitative and checked materials are used only.

In the state professionals work with experience more than 10 years. For visitors of any age the appropriate conditions allowing to make a campaign to the stomatologist the most comfortable are created.

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