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Periodontology in dental clinic of "EMPIRE"

Periodontology represents the field of the stomatology which is engaged in treatment and prevention of problems with parodonty (okolozubny fabrics) and pathological changes in this direction.

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On the basis of EMPIRE Dental Clinic professionals with a long-term experience successfully cope with such diseases:

gingivit – emergence of inflammation in a gum;
periodontal disease – one of the most widespread tooth illnesses representing inflammatory process of fabrics near tooth.
Now parodontologichesky diseases observe at every second patient. On severity of a parodontita can be in the easy, average and started form.

At the first stage emergence of a bad smell from a mouth and also an itch in gums is noted. Average degree is characterized by pain in affected areas of gums and teeth, the crack between a gum and tooth appears. At a heavy stage there is already a shaking of teeth up to their full loss.

It is important to note that in many respects success of therapy will depend on timely treatment. At emergence of the first symptoms of a disease, bleeding and an unpleasant smell from a mouth, quickly address to the dental center “EMPIRE”.

Services in the field of a parodontologiya in EMPIRE Dental Clinic

Our clinic provides high quality service of the European level to all who address us. We change smiles to all residents and guests of Odessa, irrespective of income level. Our services choose for the guaranteed result and high-quality approach. In the field of a parodontologiya enters the list of dental works:

evaluating a hygienic condition of a mouth and parodont;
to consultation on rules of hygiene and competent care of a mouth;
filling of the parodonalny card;
intake of clinical material for a research in vitro;
professional hygiene of an oral cavity (elimination of tooth deposits, polishing of teeth, processing of a surface air and abrasive systems);
conservative treatment of the parodont (processing of fabrics, overlay of special appliques, medical bandages, polishing of teeth by Air-Flow method and much other).

Having addressed in EMPIRE Dental Clinic in Odessa, each patient will receive individual approach and the most comfortable conditions for successful treatment. In clinic the absolute purity allowing to carry out safely and professionally dental procedures is observed.

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