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Orthopedics of any level of complexity in the dental center "EMPIRE"

The section of orthopedic stomatology is directed to recognition, prevention and treatment of diseases of teeth, the acquired defects, deformations in the field of chewing and speech bodies. On the basis of the dental center EMPIRE Dental Clinic in Odessa modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of damages and anomalies of teeth, jaws and maxillofacial area are implemented.

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Restoration of teeth with use of crowns

Installation of a crown – a popular type of restoration at which the artificial limb which is specially made in vitro, covers a visible part of tooth. The crown by means of special dental cement is fixed.

Except appearance at the expense of this type of prosthetics the functionality of tooth and an anatomic form is restored. Depending on material it is necessary to allocate such widespread types of crowns:

  • ceramic-metal;
  • zirconium;
  • tselnolity;
  • ceramic.

Each version differs on the level of an esthetics, practicality, durability and cost. The skilled expert in orthopedics will always advise in an individual order about the most expedient option depending on a situation.

For small defects vinira will help

In those dental cases when damages of enamel on tooth absolutely small, there are blackouts or other problems of esthetic character, vinira will help to solve a problem.

Ceramic restoration and vinira demand the minimum turning of teeth, only a forward part of tooth therefore the method can be considered minimum invasive is closed. In dental clinic in Odessa in dental laboratory the durable vinira which are most adapted under edges and specific features of teeth of each client are made.

Professional orthopedics in EMPIRE Dental Clinic

In clinic of “EMPIRE” experts in the field of stomatology with more than 10 years’ experience carry out a wide range of orthopedic procedures. Among them:

diagnostic print;
laboratory production;
production of crowns (plastic one-stage, the tselnolitykh, zirconium, ceramic-metal and ceramic without abatment);
production of tabs (it is lower than the level of a gum, metal cast, zirconium).
One of key activities of the dental center in the sphere of orthopedics is prosthetics on implants. Within this direction the following services are provided:

individual abatment (metal, ceramic and Multi-unit);
titanic beam;
production of artificial limbs (removable, the byugelnykh on attachments and the klammerakh, “butterfly”);
restoration, cleaning, polishing, perebazovka of an artificial limb and many other things.

The clinic is equipped with the hi-tech new equipment. Service and level of service of the European sample is provided. For dental works the guarantee confirming the high level and reliability of the provided services is given.

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