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Orthodontics in EMPIRE Dental Clinic for an ideal smile

The orthodontics belongs to the highly specialized section of stomatology which is responsible for diagnostics, prevention and also treatment of anomalies of zubo-maxillary area. The key direction in the matter – chewing organs of articulation at teenage and children's age.

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Specialists of the dental center in Odessa of EMPIRE Dental Clinic in orthodontics are creators of the correct bite with long-term length of service, capable to achieve physiological balance and a healthy smile. The orthodontics is engaged only in anomalies of development, excepting deformations owing to damages because of diseases and injuries. The most frequent reason of the address to the orthodontist – genetic defects.

Services in the field of orthodontics in the dental center “EMPIRE”

The beautiful smile is an integral part of image of any successful person. In the childhood it is much easier to correct problems with a bite and an arrangement of teeth, than at adult age therefore it is necessary to think of it as soon as possible. Our dental clinic provides full range of services in the field of orthodontics. Enters the list:

  • primary consultation with survey;
  • production and calculation of control and diagnostic model for formation of briquettes;
  • production of breket-systems (metal, ceramic, sapphire, lingvalnykh);
  • production and reconstruction of removable orthodontic devices;
  • removable and fixed reteyner.

Reteyner – the most important component of orthodontic treatment applied after removal of breket-systems. Reteynera rush to avoid return of the fixed teeth to the former situation. Depending on individual factors can rush by 1.5-2 times longer, than breket-systems or throughout all life.

What breket-system to choose

On a way of fastening briquettes happen samoligiruyushchy and ligaturny. At the first case at breket-systems for fixing of an arch there are special latches, the springing clip-on earrings or latches. Fastening of the second is carried out at the expense of ligatures (can be from metal or other elastic types of material). Self-ligating it is more by the size, however due to lack of ligatures much more convenient in leaving.

On the location briquettes are established lingvalny and vestibular. In the lingvalnykh systems installation is carried out on the internal surface of teeth, in vestibular – on external. Though lingvalny breket-systems are also attractive by the obscurity, however to look after them rather difficult.

Breket-sistemy from various materials on teeth look absolutely differently. It is necessary to allocate such kinds of briquettes from various materials:

metal – the most reliable and budgetary option, however the most noticeable;
plastic – are made of the special hypoallergenic plastic chosen to match the patient’s teeth, but systems leave not such reliable and are inclined to break sometimes;
ceramic – the ceramics which is brought closer to tooth enamel which is practically not evident is used;
sapphire – the vestibular system with excellent esthetic characteristics, looks as a refined accessory and possesses excellent characteristics;
combined – for visible teeth more imperceptible material is used, and for chewing metal elements are established.

Irrespective of on what breket-system will the choice is stopped, skilled experts in the field of orthodontics of the dental center “EMPIRE” will provide high efficiency and comfort on the way to an ideal smile. In the state stomatologists work with long-term length of service. Services of our clinic are available to all inhabitants and city visitors Odessa irrespective of income level.

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