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Implantology in the dental center "EMPIRE"

Implantation of false teeth – the popular approach which has entered norm in our society, directed to restoration of an esthetics of a smile. The choice of an implant – rather difficult question to solve with ease which highly qualified specialists of EMPIRE Dental Clinic will help. The implantology is rather young direction which has arisen in the 60th and become integral in modern stomatology.

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Advantages of modern implantation

The ideal artificial limb is such which is created taking into account not only esthetic nuances, but also functional parameters. Modern implants are the only type of designs wholly meeting these requirements. The implant is reliably fixed in a bone, interfering with atrophic process. It is capable to maintain effectively loading during chewing. Looks ideally approximately to the real tooth.

Even several months later after removal of tooth, begins rassasyvany bones without due pressure and atrophic process begins. Because of a long absence even of 1 tooth, there is a mixture of all next. As a result the bite changes, and features are deformed. Carrying removable artificial limbs isn’t capable to stop this process and only a constant implant established in the modern dental center EMPIRE Dental Clinic, will help to cope with a problem.

Features of implantology

The implant is the artificial tooth root from the titan which is screwed in in a bone tissue on the place of the absent tooth. The titan due to his phenomenal ability to be replanted to a bone tissue is used. Thus, the implanted tooth has 3 parts:

Implant or artificial tooth root.
The Abatment represents a transitional element which main task is connection of an implant with a crown. Also there are modern ceramic crowns without abatment. Crowns happen:


The modern dental center in Odessa “EMPIRE” is engaged in modern dental laboratories in production of individual abatment. They can be metal, ceramic and also on modern Multi-unit technology.

The fastened design with the help a multi-unit of abatment is fixed by means of screw fixing. Abatmenta are made from metal, ceramics, plastic and can even be combined. The choice will depend on features of a design of future artificial limb and financial opportunities of the patient.

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