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Hygiene of teeth in the dental center "EMPIRE" in Odessa

Professional hygiene of an oral cavity – one of key activities of the center of stomatology EMPIRE Dental Clinic in Odessa. The actions directed to mechanical elimination of deposits on the surface of teeth and under gums enter this complex of services.

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Skilled doctors-hygienists carry out professional toothbrushing by means of ultrasound, make removal of a raid on Air Flow technology, carry out polishing of teeth by means of special tools. Also fluoration of teeth for strengthening and prevention of diseases is carried out.

Qualitative hygiene – prevention of caries

From food, tea, coffee and smoking on teeth the raid – the environment for development of microbes and formation of a scale is formed. In scales pathological microorganisms strenuously breed, causing inflammations of gums and a bone tissue.

If not to correct a situation, starts anew to develop gingivit, and then already and the periodontal disease threatening with loss of teeth. For this reason the professional and regular hygiene is the most effective prevention for many diseases of a mouth.

Toothbrushing stages

The hygiene of an oral cavity at the professional level is carried out in several steps. Such sequence:

  • preparation – the hygienist performs inspection of a mouth and reveals possible problems;
  • removal of a scale – one of modern tools scales and deposits are removed, in a mouth the feeling of freshness already begins to appear;
  • cleaning with application of Air-flow – the sanding device for effective removal of softer layers of a raid;
  • finishing polishing – is used special nanoabrasive means with fluorine for strengthening of teeth;
  • covering protective medicines – with calcium and fluorine.

After carrying out cleaning it will be necessary to replace a toothbrush. It is better to consult with the expert concerning specifics of care of teeth after such procedure.

Hygienic procedures in dental clinic

The list of services in the sphere of hygiene of clinic of “EMPIRE” includes such effective and modern procedures:

  • professional hygiene of a mouth;
  • Air-flow toothbrushing;
  • ultrasonic skeyling (deep cleaning of Air-flow + ultrasound, deep fluoration, remineralization, elimination of tooth deposits by means of Cavitron technology BONDS);
  • bleaching by means of the modern safe device Beyond.

It is important to understand that even when using qualitative means of hygiene and careful leaving already created stones independently won’t manage to be removed. But after the procedures of professional cleaning of people receives a mouth in perfect tune and it will be required to support correctly this state about what the doctor-hygienist can consult. For complex hygiene experts recommend to visit the stomatologist of times in 6 months – it will allow to reveal in due time carious manifestations and to get rid in the subsequent of many problems.

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