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Children's stomatology without tears and pain in EMPIRE Dental Clinic

In the dental center "EMPIRE" in Odessa receptions of children are carried out. The dentist not only will professionally carry out treatment of the child, but also will explain to him why zubik have ached and how to make so that they always were beautiful and healthy. It is for the first time better to bring the kid on reception aged from 2.5 up to 3 years, but in case of need it is possible earlier. However you shouldn't wait for problems with teeth that it became the reason to bring the child to the stomatologist. To carry out all preventive measures much easier and the cheapest way and to prevent a disease.

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Problems with teeth at children’s age

From caries even the least children aren’t insured. It is worth remembering that if milk teeth have ached, they need to be treated as fast as possible. The role of milk teeth is very important – they keep the correct shape of a jaw and keep the place for second teeth. On the basis of EMPIRE Dental Clinic modern methods of treatment of milk teeth are used:

  • sealing of fissures – absolutely painless and effective procedure;
  • deep fluoration – strengthens teeth, it is recommended to conduct a full course of fluoration of times a year;
  • silvering – is applied special solution with silver on teeth of the child, stopping development of a disease, also absolutely painless and won’t upset the child.

Premature removal of a milk tooth increases risk to the subsequent formation of the wrong bite. If in due time not to cure a milk tooth, the infection can be transmitted through channels also to second teeth. Happens that in the started stage caries develops into a pulpitis or periodontitis that is fraught with bad consequences.

Advantages of clinic of “EMPIRE” in treatment of little patients

Doctors of dental clinic in Odessa of “EMPIRE” have the huge experience with little patients, will be able to help them qualitatively and quickly with any situation. Our advantages:

  • use only of high-quality and reliable materials;
  • new modern equipment;
  • skilled experts will find approach to each child;
  • drawing up the individual plan of treatment;
  • guarantee for result.

Special attention in clinic is paid to hygiene and prevention of problems with an oral cavity. The doctor-hygienist will help to choose a toothbrush, paste, optimum by the sizes and rigidity, for the child and will teach the correct leaving.

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