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Safe bleaching of teeth in EMPIRE Dental Clinic

All dream to have an attractive smile with snow-white teeth, it creates image of the successful person and gives self-confidence. Many don't decide to go for bleaching of teeth, being afraid of negative consequences, however in modern dental clinic of "EMPIRE" in Odessa it is possible to undergo the procedure of bleaching of teeth absolutely safely.

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Tooth bleaching gives to a smile the healthy and shining appearance. Having used services of professional stomatologists, it is possible to forget forever about unattractive yellow and dim tooth enamel which becomes such because of insufficient leaving, bad habits, genetic factors and other reasons. Irrespective of why color of teeth looks bad, skilled experts without harm for health will force a smile to begin to shine.

Types of modern bleaching of teeth
In modern stomatology several ways of bleaching of teeth are used. All of them have the advantages, a different price segment and effect. It is necessary to allocate such ways of bleaching:

  • laser – one of the safest ways which is based on use of the helium which is becoming more active and going to a light bunch influence of the laser can be different in duration, after the procedure the means for restoration strengthening enamel and reducing sensitivity of teeth is put;
    on Air Flow technology – it is the toothbrushing method which is often taken for bleaching, it can be applied when natural color of enamel looks good and just it is necessary to remove a scale and pollution;
  • photobleaching – is applied on teeth special means to which direct galogenovy light then the oxygen eliminating dark stains begins to be emitted it is possible to use this way in the presence of seals and high sensitivity;
  • chemical – the most budgetary way excluding overheating of enamel owing to lack of the catalyst however for the same reason the procedure rather long also demands big attentiveness from the doctor.

In EMPIRE Dental Clinic Odessa several options of the sparing bleaching of teeth are available to guests and residents. There are a modern and effective device Beyond and also safe tools for house bleaching. In the state only highly skilled stomatologists work with a long-term experience, the new professional equipment and reliable materials is used.

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