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Faultless quality of service

Our patients are always surrounded with attention and care of personnel that provides the maximum comfort at a visit of clinic

Hi-tech equipment

The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment of the leading German producer

Qualified specialists

Specialists of our center are high quality professionals who have had the latest technologies down to a science

Dental Clinic

In the state to clinic of EMPIRE Dental Clinic experts work with a long standing of work. Dental services are provided to residents of Odessa and city visitors. Full equipment is provided with all necessary hi-tech equipment. All dental works in clinic are performed in the conditions of absolute sterility.

Our services


The therapeutic stomatology diagnoses and treats damages of teeth and also some sites adjoining to them.


The section of orthopedic stomatology is directed to recognition, prevention and treatment of diseases of teeth, the acquired defects


Surgery – the profile direction of stomatology which cornerstone operational techniques are.


Implantation of false teeth – the popular approach which has entered norm in our society, directed to restoration of an esthetics of a smile.


The orthodontics belongs to the highly specialized section of stomatology which is responsible for diagnostics


Parodontologiya represents the field of the stomatology which is engaged in treatment and prevention of problems with parodonty

Bleaching of teeth

All dream to have an attractive smile with snow-white teeth, it creates image of the successful person and gives self-confidence.


Professional hygiene of an oral cavity – one of key activities of the center of stomatology EMPIRE

Children's stomatology

The dentist not only will professionally carry out treatment of the child, but also will explain to him why teeth have ached and how to make so that they always were beautiful and healthy.

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Hrechkova A.I.

Thanks a lot to the doctor for his approach to the client, very good expert. At my panic of stomatology it and his assistant Milana have done everything possible on restoration and treatment of my teeth. Remarkable clinic, now without fear I will go only here.

Gurdina Alyona

I want to express gratitude to all Empire group I go to this clinic already the second time. Thanks a lot for attention, care, goodwill and the highest professionalism they are to all all employees.

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