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Bleaching of teeth of BEYOND

Features of bleaching of teeth

Each of us dreams of a snow-white smile, but teeth change the natural color. It happens because of the painting properties of food and with age they get a yellowish shade. Teeth can change the color because of smoking and intake of some drugs. Bleaching of teeth will become an excellent exit from such situation.

It is worth emphasizing that for such procedure all teeth have to be healthy. To try bleach teeth you can also in house conditions, but, first, at you it won’t turn out to achieve such result as in dental clinic, and secondly, it isn’t always safe. Therefore if you have decided to get rid of a raid on teeth, then you come to clinic of regenerative stomatology of “Empire Dental” where will offer you:

  • careful inspection,
  • preliminary toothbrushing,
  • professional safe bleaching of teeth which will be executed by means of the latest medicines and the equipment.

And through short time you will be able already to see the new shining smile in a mirror.

What types of bleaching are most often applied?

Chemical bleaching of teeth – by means of special gels pigments which paint enamel of teeth are eliminated. As a result teeth become on 2-3, or is even several tones lighter. But, you shouldn’t forget that the effect is directly connected with a type of the painting pigment and its depth.

Distinguish two types of chemical bleaching:

House bleaching can be spent at home, but it doesn’t mean that it can be conducted independently. You need to come to the stomatologist, to be examined, discuss all possible options and if you stop by such method of bleaching, then the doctor will make special a kappa in which you will independently bring the bleaching gel.
Clinical (office) bleaching of teeth is carried out in clinic by means of special gels and allows experts to hold control over how there is a bleaching, and it guarantees the best result.
Photobleaching of teeth – one of new types of bleaching. At this method the special lamp which increases efficiency of bleaching many times is used. Under the influence of light beams of a lamp hydrogen peroxide under action releases the oxygen oxidizing dark stains and a pigment on teeth.

In our clinic we provide service of innovative photobleaching of teeth of BEYOND POLUS.



Professional bleaching of teeth

Before the procedure of bleaching, it is necessary to understand that only the real teeth will be able to be bleached. You shouldn’t count that seals, vinira or ceramic crowns will be bleached.
Carrying out bleaching of teeth is recommended not earlier, than since 18 years.
There is an opinion that it is easy to make bleaching of teeth in house conditions, but various gels or strips for bleaching which freely are on sale in drugstores. But such medicines often are unsafe for health of teeth.
Right after bleaching it is recommended to refrain from food which contains bright dyes. For example, refuse red wine, juice and coffee.
Stomatologists advise not to be engaged in bleaching of teeth in house conditions. It is better to address experts who will make everything qualitatively and safely. The clinic of regenerative stomatology of “Empire” provides a wide range of dental services. Come to “Empire” and make the smile snow-white!


Prices of bleaching of teeth

The cost of bleaching of teeth depends on process of preparation, intensity and a method of bleaching. Stomatologists of clinic of “Empire” advise not to be engaged in bleaching of teeth in house conditions. It is better to address experts who will make everything qualitatively and safely. The clinic of dental implantation of “Empire” can provide you a wide range of dental services. You come to “Empire” and do the smile snow-white.